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It's true that businesses lose inventory through theft and robbery, however the risk is kept to a minimum for the clients of United Alarm! 

Ensure you have eyes watching when you or your staff simply cannot. United Alarm - the Las Vegas commercial security specialists - have been in the business of keeping commercial clients safe for over 16 years. With more than 16,000 system installs, why leave your surveillance to anybody else? Enlist our Commercial CCTV/Video Surveillance Service to keep your business, your staff and inventory safe.

How Commercial CCTV/Video Surveillance works
Chances are you've seen cameras in stores you have shopped in? Those are CCTV cameras and they record the movements of staff and customers in commercial premises both within and after business hours. 

Commercial CCTV/Video Surveillance is a monitored service that works hand in hand with our Security Monitoring Center. One of our trained technicians will install cameras throughout your Las Vegas business premises. 

Once installed, your cameras will film and record the happenings of the day both during and after business hours. Movement detectors within the surveillance system can detect unusual movement, e.g. movement at the premises after hours, and this will notify our Security Monitoring Center, that will then notify you or send out a security officer to investigate. In some instances, the police, fire brigade or ambulance will be dispatched, once the nature of the disturbance has been confirmed. 

In the event that property has gone missing from your business premises, you can refer to the recorded footage to determine who was to blame, and this footage can be used to help prosecute offenders.

To see just how effective and detailed CCTV surveillance can be for your business, why not take a look at our 3 Live Camera Demos online and view real CCTV footage for yourself?

The Benefits of Commercial CCTV/Video Surveillance
Once your Commercial CCTV/Video Surveillance equipment has been installed and activated you will:

  • reduce theft by more than 50%;

  • be assured that every movement within key areas of your business premises are being recorded;

  • be assured that you are taking measures that will keep your staff and property safe;

  • be assured that the presence of the cameras will deter people from stealing or committing an offence, keeping in mind that 96% of theft is attributed to company employees; 

  • increase the productivity of your employees, who will ensure they are working hard simply because they know they are being filmed;

  • be assured that the cameras are watching and filming both inside and outside of your place of business 24/7, regardless of whether you are able to see all that is happening; and

  • be assured that if a crime has been committed at your place of business, the recorded footage may lead to a prosecution.

Doing business in Las Vegas? Act now and reduce the risk - arrange for your Commercial CCTV/Video Surveillance installation and activation today!
At United Alarm, we make it easy and affordable for businesses to minimize security risks through our Commercial CCTV/Video Surveillance service. Here is what you will receive when you order your security service:

  • 2 x 1/3 Sony Dome Cameras;

  • 1 x 17" LCD Flat Panel Monitor;

  • 1 x 4 Channel GE Internet Ready DVR; and

  • All cabling, BNC Connectors and installation.

Also worth noting is that:

  • All systems record in hi-resolution digital video;

  • Each camera feed can be securely monitored by you remotely, from any location in the world using only an internet browser; 

  • All our systems include professional brand name equipment;

  • We provide a warranty on all equipment and installations; and

  • We even offer in-house financing!

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